• Bianca Rose

The future of the force of Reggae + Hip-Hop

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

It's interesting to think what will happen in the future with music. I foresee the powerheads of Reggae linking with the powerheads of Hip-Hop to embark on a new musical direction we have yet to experience, as we collectively continue to evolve as a people. The influence would be most apparent in the way society behaves, how they act, how they interact, how they react -- especially amongst the African diaspora.

This is a photo of Buju, Jay and Diddy back in 2005; three major musical geniuses in the world game. Buju's recent release from prison sparked international joy despite the controversy behind his story. Diddy tweeted post release, "Today is a glorious day. BUJU IS FREE. Let’s go!!! King shit. True greatness. Welcome home. #blackexcellence"

Let's get it.

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