Logan Airport

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Boston Beer Works is a convenient/delicious spot at the airport! Veggie burger = A1! Popular spot, always packed at the bar. Legal Seafoods has the same quality from their city locations here as well. 

Potbelly Sandwich Shop = gourmet and fast food all in one. I finally tried this spot in the airport after seeing it around the city several times. Very tasty tuna sandwich. Vegetables meticulously cut.

Wahlburgers has an absolutely sucks that I can't try one of their burgers, but their meatless options aren't completely lacking. Classic Caesar salad, can't go wrong. I made it a duty to put this on the list with their extraordinary homey vibe. The spot in Fenway is also good!

Seaport District

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79) Whiskey Priest

Good bar food and GREAT selection of Whiskeys!


78) LTK

Delicious seafood choices! I've been here twice and had lobster both times: one regular lobster and one Mac & Cheese. Their portions are great for the pieces as well! Cool spot to chill at by the Seaport.


62) Morton's Steakhouse

Delicious, five-star steak. 


For Yankee Lobster, your best bet is to get here early on nice-weather days; the location is small and the line is bonkers! But that's because of their quality seafood! Thank God for takeout! Delicious, fresh tasting fried shrimp and I'm sure a lot more! 


Crab Shack 



City, State


25) Miel

Exceptional service and aura in the room. Great place for seafood lovers, and a wonderful view. 

29) Aragosta 

Loved Aragosta! Their breakfast is phenomenal. And this is in a great location that I don't frequent often, the North End. Beautiful view. 

Financial District

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Financial District

70) Oceanaire 

They have the best lobster mac' and cheese in Boston. Period. The scene is intimate and the decor is lavish. A great location for a date, or a very important meeting. The lobster was -- *flings the a-OK sign up, winks one eye*

50) Cafe Fleuri

An amazing all-you-can-eat brunch on Sundays, located in The Langham Hotel. Well worth it! They also had a live band when I went with my friend. I was too filled with food! Couldn't eat anymore!

 Atlantic Fish Co., 


Faneuil Hall

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If you haven't shot yourself for not dining in Faneuil Hall, you need to! Buy the 100 Años drink. I'm sorry in advance. :0

Good wings too.  

McCormick's and Schmick's

Awesome bar and great food. Their happy hour is unbelievable, so freaking cheap. THEIR WINGS WERE UNBELIEVABLE. 

Dick's Last Resort

North End

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The Four's Restaurant

Voted #1 in best sports bars by Sports Illustrated! The environment alone should entice you to come, forget the food (which is great). My go-to is ALWAYS chicken wings. 





56) Ruth Chris

I'm glad that I tried the chicken, because it gives me more reason to go back and try their steak. The chicken was unexpectedly delicious. I'm always hesitant when buying whole chickens. Not to mention, the atmosphere and the customer service are excellent.


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59) Pho Pasteur

I've been sleeping on PHO! My girl introduced me to this delicious Chinese dish. I was also excited because I never ate in Boston's Chinatown before. More and more, I'm embracing the act of trying new things.

Theatre District

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Theatre District

54) P. F Chang's

Always a win with this one. You can pretty much find this restaurant everywhere. I appreciate the quality and the convenience this restaurant offers. Unexpectedly great sushi! You can also find this in most malls in the area. 

44) The Bristol Lounge

Any restaurant apart of the Four Seasons chain WOULD offer nothing short of stellar customer service. You won't forget an experience like this.

12) Emerald Lounge

The Southwest Burgers are to DIE for. They're only opened from Thursday - Sunday, starting 4:30 PM though so plan accordingly.

Back Bay

City, State

Back Bay

46) Fogo de Chao

Top notch Brazilian presentation. The service, the meats, the buffet, unforgettable. If you're not a meat fan, I wouldn't suggest it. If you are, thank me later. 

33) Douzo

This place made me like sushi. Big.

26) MJ O'Connor's

This is a great Irish pub/restaurant. The staff is friendly, it's lively, and the food is great.


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31) Sonsie

Very french! Top service. I'm always ehh with trying new foods, and I'm not the biggest fan of French food. This food, was good. I was scared as hell. 

42) 29 Newbury

Believe it or not, I visited here during Boston Restaurant Week with my sister and we only paid $40 for this! Taxes and tip not included, but still remarkable!

75) Cheesecake Factory

When can you ever go wrong with this place? I had a delicious veggie burger and virgin strawberry daiquiri. Cheesecake factory has the most extensive menu I've ever seen. You will be sure to discover something you love eventually. 

49) Typhoon

Great Asian quality food, conveniently located right on Boylston amongst other top restaurants like Abe & Louie's and Atlantic Fish Co.

37) Parish Cafe and Bar

Must try the Reggae Wings!


22) Fire & Ice

Completely amazing how they cook the food right in front of you, after you choose your meats and vegetables to go with it. A great place to try if you're ever in Boston. 

23) Asana 

Class. Class. Class. Wonderful service and a great view of Boylston Street. Bartender is extremely friendly.

38) Legal Sea Foods

Novice to seafood, Legals is a perfect place to start! I like seafood now!

5) Charley's

I've been to Charley's a few times and I get the same thing every time, chicken wings lol. Their customer service is great. We always get the food instantly which I'm always itching about lol. I'm hungry!


6) Bistro Du Midi

Class, class, and class. Small, with great (really great) food. It reminds me of France. 




7) Stephanie's On Newbury

This has got to be one of my favorite spots. I think their chicken wings top the two aforementioned lol. Before you get your meal, they serve you all types of delicious bread with butter. This is a plus for me. The bread is amazing. Like Scoozi, it's a great place to dine at when you're shopping alone on a hot summer day also. 


8) Wagamama

Wagamama is a Jap restaurant. At first, I didn't like it because I thought the food was too plain, but the plainness grew on me, strangely. The atmosphere is very Jap. It's a great place for you and your friends to make a quick stop at after shopping at Saks, they're adjacent lol. 




9) Sel de la Terre

Not a big fan of French food, but the view and options Sel de la Terre offers is definitely sufficient enough. 

14) Capital Grille

One of the most beautfiul restaurants in Boston city. QUALITY FOOD, but I believe this is a chain restaurant and already reputable throughout the states. Excellent service. 




15) Cafeteria 

Quite lively and the servers are very friendly and accommodating. They have the best mac & cheese ever. I still remember the taste of those tacos. 




16) Abe & Louie's -- FAVORITE

Best customer service ever, especially if you choose to dine alone. This is probably my favorite restaurant in Boston. I know that I'm going to taste something good, whatever it is I get. 



27) Max Brenner

They're always a winner! ALWAYS! Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner. So many options!



17) Top of the Hub

The view? This restaurant is located on the 52nd floor of Boston's Prudential. My gosh. A bit pricey, but this is a great spot to dine at on a special occasion. 

3) Scoozi

Scoozi is the most frequented restaurant I attend whenever I'm home. Why? Because it's good and cheap! Their chicken wings are the best! But don't get the extremely hot ones because those are inedible. Great place to dine at when you're shopping alone on a hot summer day.

11) Joe's American Bar & Grill

Usually I'm not a fan of basic American restaurants, but, I'll make the exception for Joe's lol. They renovated it since the last time I've been there. No food pictures because I haven't been there in years, but it's a really good spot, especially when you want to watch a game. 


5 Napkin Burger


Longhorn Steakhouse

I was expecting cheap quality, but their food actually isn't bad at all. The steak is pretty good!

Cask'n Flagon

South End

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My brothers took my mom here for the first time for her birthday, really all of our first times. From the food to the live entertainment, you will have an unforgettable experience. My mother described the food perfectly, "the portion is just right and sits perfectly with the price." Live jazz (and more) can't be beaten. The vibes are omnipresent. I had it in my list to visit here a long time ago. So far I've been twice, and both meals, including everyone else's that I was with, was fantastic! 

73) Mike's City Diner  

Clearly a neighborhood gem, this breakfast spot serves excellency with their standard breakfast.

62) Clerys

BOMB ASS NACHOS. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Best nachos I ever had. I never get nachos because they're boring to me. 

18) Toro

First time eating tapas and I enjoyed it! I don't like to try new things, so that says a lot!


West End

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Cool grill spot in the North End! The hot dogs are great


Hands down, the best breakfast spot I've ever been to. Unbelievable. Come early; beware of lines!

The Tip Tap Room is a very cool spot in the West End with tasty burgers and scenic views of busy Boston.  

Kinsale has bomb wings, their 25 cent per wing special used to be my favorite!


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72) The Coast Cafe  

This restaurant is very tiny, not really a place you should plan on dining at. However, take-out works just fine. This is the best soul food I've ever tasted in the Boston area (located in Cambridge). The prices are unbeatable.


69) The Elephant Walk

Absolutely delicious. I'm always hesitant when it comes to trying new food. This restaurant boasts the most delicious French/Cambodian combo that I've ever had (and only, though it was a GREAT first impression). I went to the location near Porter Square, my brother has been suggesting it for weeks and I'm very glad I went. I would absolutely come back here.

55) S&S Deli & Restaurant

Known for their bomb a** wings, I finally got to taste them for myself. I understand the hype. If you're ever in Cambridge, MA, this is a convenient and affordable stop.

48) Artbar

The view of Boston and the Charles River along with the meal is the TOTAL package! 

36) Zoe's Restaurant

Seriously, if you're ever on Mass. Ave in Cambridge, you need to go to this place. You will get such good food for so damn cheap. It's surreal. And filling.


24) Tavern in the Square

My favorite dish, other than filet mignon is a plate of wings! The Tavern wins!

Otto Pizza in Harvard Square 


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77) Earl's Kitchen & Bar

This is by far my favorite bar to hang out at in Somerville, there's another one located in the prudential in Copley. I always meet the coolest people, not to mention everyone who works in there is beautiful (both the men and women). Their food matches the vibe! 


67) Vinny's Ristorante


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43) The Breakfast Club

Such a cool spot! You'll be entertained by your surroundings before the food come


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63) Doo Wop Diner

Best French toast I ever had in my life. I love strawberry topings, and they killed it with this delectable combo. Very affordable, I see this becoming a trend with breakfast spots (a very appreciated one since breakfast is my favorite food)! Located near Malden. \

Lighthouse Cafe's caramelized apples, pecans, and banana on French Toast is EVERYTHING! That's all I had to see! It tastes as good as it sounds. This seemed like a family-owned restaurant and they're not American. They're very friendly and inviting. Cool little spot outside of Boston (Medford).


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74) The Fireplace

Cozy find in Brookline with delicious food.  The prices are a little higher than average, but well worth it.


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Bella Luna  

Always exploring new salads with my new eating lifestyle. The incorporation of fruits in vegetable salads is rubbing off on me. You barely need a dressing when you have fruits in your salad ​ 


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57) Bred

Quite a neighborhood gem in the heart of Dorchester. I had the jerk chicken burger (go figure). It was amazing. What amazes me about this place is the diversity on the menu. This place makes you want to try something new everytime. The employees are vey homey as well. Both the parmesian AND sweet potato to fries are bomb. 

39) Ledge Kitchen and Drinks

I am a native of Dorchester and recently started to check out the restaurants in my own neighborhood. This is a hometown favorite!

40) Ashmont Grill

Always convenient when I don't want to leave my hood. The ribs entree is the BEST. Their shrimps and bacon/jalepeno fries are great also!

41) Sweet Life Bakery and Cafe

Sweetest employees ever! A neighborhood gem of mines. I've been here countless times. All breakfast goods, worth your money. 

47) Dot 2 Dot Cafe

For those that live in Dorchester and don't want to leave to eat out, check out the restaurants in our very hometown. Worth it! Another great breakfast spot, with great prices. 

53) Ester

Another neighborhood favorite, this spot is a cool meet up spot for friends and colleagues in the lower Dot area. The drinks and food are good. Small food menu but it goes.

45) McKenna's Cafe

Im a breakfast girl, and the famous McKenna's SERVES. Beware of lines on the weekend!


13) Tavolo's

The spot for you and you girls to go to if you want to dine somewhere convenient (if you live in the hood). This location is in Dorchester, about 2 minutes away from me. Great staff as well.

Van Shabu & Bar has delicious sushi found right in the hood! Very cool restaurant in Dorchester that offers hot pot services as well. Comfortable atmosphere! 

Lower Mills Tavern. Absolute gem in this Dorchester neighborhood. My brother and I checked it out a few days after the opening, giving the other locals some time to go crazy. Their blackbean veggie burger tasted like meat. Amazing. It seems like every dish will probably be delicious. Great environment, already a hit. 


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Fat Cat has the best Mac & Cheese dishes in Massachusetts. Period. 

61) Craig's Cafe

If you couldn't tell by now, I'm a breakfast person! My mom is too, and she put me on to this new spot in Quincy. Hella cheap and the hash browns are the best hash browns I've ever had!

21) IHOP

Always a winner for the munchies! Their cheap breakfast is always a win for me!

4) Siros

Grad dinner (STJ '13). The filet mignon was very well cooked; the service was great considering I had a large party. They were still very patient. 


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52) Simcos

Classic hot dog eatery in Mattapan. Delicious! Stop by if you're ever zooming down Blue Hill Ave. 

Hyde Park

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Hyde Park

64) The Fairmount Grille

On this wild adventure of me becoming a big enthusiast for neighborhood dining, this restaurant is a huge hit! It was my brother's birthday and we decided to do something local at a town 5-10 minutes away from Dorchester. The food is clearly made with love, and the employees prove it with their great customer service. I don't like to go to restaurants more than once but I will be back! 



Chestnut Hill

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Met B & G

Delicious bar burgers! I love me some BURGERS!


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80) Golden Dragon

I've never tasted such a thing before in life! I've never heard of fried lobster until my friend introduced me to this place. I owe her the world.


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British Beer Company 

I had the coconut shrimp, Sweet Thai Chili Salmon and the Veggie Burger. All superb. The salmon was exceptional, it almost felt like I was eating grilled meat. It was my first time eating a veggie burger and it tasted like a burger!  

68) Red's Kitchen & Tavern

BOMBBBBB SHRIMP SCAMPI and sweet potato fries! This restaurant is located on Route 1 (along with a million others) and this spot is one of my faves. As the bartender said, "everything in here is good!"


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3 Squares

Awesome brunch spot in Needham and very affordable. The staff are extra accommodating and the food came out quick! They also have a terrace! Great spot on a beautiful day.


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58) The Gloucester House

My favorite aunt introduced me to North Shore and it's fabulous line of seafood restaurants. Do I have to say much about this shrimp stuffed lobster? Absolutely delicious. I'm still a novice to seafood, but I'm enjoying every minute of the new adventure.


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81) The Melting Pot

Hands down one of the most creative restaurants I've been to. Not only do you make your own food, but the desert to follow after is what will really have you in a bind. The varities of chocolate are to die for. 



Clancy's Very good food with a memorable view of nature in Hyannis; scenic views are well-known in Cape Cod. The atmosphere is serene. Everyone dining seems at peace.  66) Grumpy's BOMB breakfast on the Cape! The line is ridiculous. Be prepared.  

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