Here I share my Top 10 ways of practicing self-care!


I turned down a full scholarship just to be able to live in I could travel for cheaper. The travel goals were real.


As important as it is to take care of yourself, we have a moral responsibility to do what is in our capability for others.


I was 19 when my father passed away, fresh out of high school. As a young woman, a life lesson hit me hard after: we really only have one life to live! 



mIND | bODY | sOUL

Consistent self-care is a major key to happiness for me. It is also considered "magic" to those that are constantly giving their energy to help others, because when you get it in routinely, you find that you can do even more than you set out to. You need balance girl! Every warrior goddess needs her self-care to stay happy. Here are my top 10 suggestions!

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    (keep track of  test results, routines that work for your body care, routines for chakra care (overall becoming a resource for seeking balance in mind, body, soul. 

1. Mentors

1. Mentors

Pictured above is the late Liora Beer of the Fairmount Lab, Tricia Young-Shaw, Founder of TLE, State Representative, Jessicah Pierre, Founder of Queens Co, and more powerful Boston influencers in the community


Mentors have changed my life for the better. 

What I Understand

We don't know it all. I find mentors to be vital when seeking out long term solutions, especially when I'm aiming to master something in life, get rid of a habit, or when I'm balancing multiple things that I'd like guidance in. Having multiple mentors can keep you humble, and on top of your game. I have several mentors, both male and female and of different ethnic backgrounds as well. The more variety, the more expansive my mind will become in various areas. I consciously choose the mentors I have. 

​​Mindfulness has changed my life for the better. 

What I Understand
At this very present moment of writing this, in the year 2018, I have joined a growing number of human beings who have realized we have taken thinking way too far by adapting the practice of mindfulness. Thinking has become self- destructive. Emotions result from thinking. ​The vibrations we put out into the universe result from thinking, so it's sensible to engage in a practice that's designed to stabilize my thoughts. Take a moment to think about the things you think about everyday and the emotions it might lead to, and the behavior those emotions might lead to, and the people it might affect, including yourself. It is a beautiful self-practice where you can potentially not ever have to rely on professional help again (only for those of us who shamelessly need it). 


My Experience:

  • A 6-week mindfulness course at Cambridge Health Alliance (they have an excellent program)

  • 5-day spiritual retreat in Maui, Hawaii rooted in Buddhism principles 

  • Periodic professional training and instruction at DFCI by a certified coach 

My Routine
Daily Meditation

  • Insight Timer

    • I recommend Insight Timer for those that like to time themselves meditating and connect with a growing community of meditators. The app saves all your times, and it is a great way to keep track of how consistent you are. This is for those of us that are comfortable meditating without guidance. 

  • Headspace

    • I also recommend Headspace, an app that leads your meditations step by step. Headspace is for beginners (but Headspace is good for all levels), they have everything you can think of meditating to (as far as reasons to meditate); sleeping, eating, and more. 

2. Mindfulness

Pictured above is my meditation corner of my bedroom, as close as possible to sunlight, and below that -- were cards once used to train in my beginning stages. 

3. Steam Room

Pictured above is the Infrared Sauna at Cabral Wellness Institute in the Back Bay area of Boston, MA. Saunas have similar health benefits to the steam room but differ in some areas.

The Steam Room has changed my life for the better.

What I Understand

The steam room is the earthly version of Heaven, or something close to it I'm sure. It is a room made for the gods and goddesses to purify mentally, physically, spiritually. 

Some of my best thoughts have happened in the steam room. I have become the most flexible I have ever been because of stretching in the steam room. And I find the most peace, clarity and silence in the steam room when seeking mental and spiritual stability. It is also a place where I can easily focus on on my chakras, especially with a little essential oil(s). I am truly in my own world. 

My Experience

My 10-year reunion was this year, 2018! I have been proudly sneaking into the Women's Locker Room (where the steam room is located) since I was about 17-years old, and never got caught because I remained silent, mature, confident and respectful of the other nude ladies around. Every woman wants to feel respected in an intimate space, especially this one. The aire screams goddess once you find yourself in a space the other women are in: confidence and comfortability. 


My Routine

I usually hit the steam room once a week, preferably on the weekend so I can stay up to my normal 4 hours. At the absolute very minimum, I'll go in for one hour. The average is around 3 hours. I needs my steam and I love to remind people, "I will kill you if I don't go to the steam room on a consistent basis". Don't let anybody come in the way of your self-care girl, put a hammer on that!


This is what I noticed happens with a solid amount of time in the steam room

(based on what your body can handle):

  • toxins are released from the body, acne noticeably starts to go away 

  • stretching and holding brings quicker flexibility 

  • stretching and holding brings peace, especially the longer you hold the stretch

  • you will feel like you got a massage one you hit your bed, and you'll sleep like a baby

Conscious eating has changed my life for the better.


What I Understand
I encourage everyone to start the journey of simply treating fruits and vegetables (especially) with more adoration; healthy foods in general. They are beautiful. AND good. It makes sense.


One person asked me one time: "Would you eat meat if it wasn't seasoned?" That person made me realize how much seasoning is the most important part of most of my meats we've been conditioned to eat, so I simply transferred that idea to vegetables and have been having a ball experimenting with the cooking styles of my parents' native land, Jamaica, and others I've adapted from my past travels and experiences. 

What you eat really does make you feel good depending on what you're eating. I have found that eating healthy and proportionately leads to the most productive days. 

My Experience

I am a pescatarian, but an aspiring vegan! I eat more grains, fruits and veggies than I do fish but still find myself choosing pescatarian dishes sometimes (I know I'm not the only one). However, I have been respecting and loving this journey I'm on, I respect every second of my development and the new things I am learning along the way. That's me being mindful on the fact that I am progressing (that's beauty in my eyes and no one can tell me/you differently, leave the perfectionists to themselves).  

I only stopped eating meat in August 2015 shortly after my dad's tombing, after witnessing a goat being killed on my father's land back home in Jamaica. Unfortunately, it is a ritual that is apart of our culture when tombing the dead. I always knew that my life would change if I ever watched a video or had a real-life experience, it happened, and it was traumatic, it was exactly what I predicted. 

My Routine

Lost on where to start? Where you are currently? What you need? What you want? There are plenty of ways to find this info out, but the first thing you should start to do is get to know your body by doing your own research. Aside from doing my own research based on what I personally want for my body, I have consulted with friends that master in this area, but also balanced that off with paying for professional services (such as working with a trainer and seeing a nutritionist). I like the idea of having both the scopes of experience and professionalism (two extremes that should both be respected) when it comes to making big decisions that has to do with my life. If you have health insurance, take advantage and explore the different areas of coverage the company you work for offers. I take advantage of my nutritionist where we come up with a plan that's sufficient enough to serve me for a good while, until I'm ready for a new milestone. I have consulted with an allergist once, so I am aware of what my body is most sensitive to. The list can go on based on your consistent personal examinations of your body. Chances are you will never have to see a professional again, once you completely get to know your body. 

3. Conscious Eating

Pictured above is me devouring a kale salad at Earl's Kitchen & Bar in the Prudential Center of Boston, MA 

4. Physical Activity

Pictured above is me in an acupuncture session, you lay there for about an hour with with Dr. Hou in Brookline these needles in your back!

Physical activity has changed my life for the better.

What I Understand

Physical activity is important and we all know this. I also know how hard it is to stay consistent with physical activity, so while I am not sticking to strict regimens (and let's be honest, those happen periodically), I make it a conscious habit to walk everywhere I can and stretch on a consistent basis (especially for those that work in a field that doesn't require too much movement). 


My Experience 

My school experience at the Boston Renaissance Charter School has afforded me the ability to know the basics of multiple sports. We had a gym teacher by the name of Mr. John Singleton that taught us how to play football, track, lacrosse, fencing, soccer, golf, and basketball (I feel like I learned everything). He encouraged us to know the different areas and forever be active in them, so overtime this has encouraged me to stay active in many different ways throughout my life, even joining an all-women's football team in my early 20s, (shout out to the New England Intensity -- I only lasted a couple of months in training).

My Routine

  • Jogging

    • With caution, I love to jog. Because of my change in diet (no meat), it becomes more of a challenge to supplement what you need during your transition. Jogging is such a peace of mind to me, especially with my music, but I don't jog as often as I used to and would like due to the excellent weight benefits that can result (if you need it). I enjoy 30-45 minute jogs around Boston's Charles River, circling the Mass Ave Bridge, MIT and Esplanade. Anything outside will do it for me. There is something very peaceful about jogging outside. 

  • Yoga

    • 1-4 hours of stretching in the steam room

  • Acupuncture 

    • I've found services as low as $60/hr in the Brookline area of Massachusetts. This is becoming more and popular as I age and encourage you to look into the benefits for your chakras.

  • Hiking

    • This is a pastime that I've adopted through friends in and out of Boston. I enjoy hiking the Blue Hills just outside of Boston, as well as outside of my city -- hitting places like the Coronado all the way in San Diego, a place with amazing hiking opportunities. ​Basically, I don't pass up an opportunity to hike.

  • Surfing

    • Whenever I travel to a location with surf-able waves, I always try to hit beginner waves at least once. There is something energetic about riding waves.

Reading has changed my life for the better.

What I Understand

I don't believe a lot of people realize how life-changing and freeing it is to read. It is something that I grew to understand at an early age. If younger people realized how fundamental and game-changing reading really is, there would be less violence in these streets and more successful yutes 'bout. I find it easier to read books on genres that I like. I can never enjoy a book if it is not an interesting genre to me. Urban Fiction was the gateway genre for me as a preteen. As I started to mature, my interest went from Urban Fiction books by authors like Zane, to Romance by authors like Rochelle Alers (an all-time favorite).  All of us are different so your interest will differ, but start thinking about what yours could be? There are a wide range of books available for all types of people.

My Experience

The first book that I read that triggered my love with reading was "The Coldest Winter Ever" by Sister Souljah. There is not one young African-American girl who has not read this book, it's like part of your life transition in the hood. If you haven't, you need to read it, even if you ain't black! After getting into Boston Latin for high school, I was required to read more books that had more to do with English literature (sounds blah, right), some of which included authors like: Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Maya Angelou, Zora Neale Hurston, Mark Twain, Lorraine Hainesberry, Langston Hughes. I then began to fall in love with other different types of books really realizing how deep my love is for reading, in addition to the Urban Fiction books I was already used to. My love for reading only increases as I age. I realized reading keeps the mind stimulated. You simply develop new understandings and ideas from reading and that is what keeps life interesting.


Weirdly enough, I'm assuming because of my obsession of keeping track of my life progress, I kept a list of books I've read since high school. I stopped doing that now, but looking back at it always reminds me how each of these books changed my life and opened my perspective on life in one way or another. 

My Routine

I read on public transportation or while I am traveling because that's the only time I am sitting down with nothing to do or pay attention to (it's much easier to forgo social media and open up a book in these situations). I always keep a book on me just in case I have down time. This habit has served me wonderfully (in terms of keeping active in reading), because I do end up always having downtime. Finding time to read has always been a life obstacle of mine, although I enjoy reading. Living in NYC was the best because I had hour-long train rides where reading was always my go-to before anything (I knew I actually had time). Due to balancing multiple platforms, I am guilty of not finding extra time to read and I am consciously aiming to make a healthy habit of reading (just as much as I will kill someone that gets in the way of my steam room time). 

5. Reading

Pictured above is me in one of my favorite places in the world, the Boston Public Library, searching for some substance for my next book. 

6. Music

Pictured above is my portable lab, where I study science to produce the best vibrations. 

Music has changed my life for the better.

What I Understand

Sound is an undervalued tool in overall human unity and connection. 

My Experience

I have been listening to music since I was born, like the rest of us, but watching my father maneuver as a manager for several artists in the Reggae industry had a heavy influence on my love for music, especially Reggae. Like my father whose favorite artists were Bob Marley, Biggie Smalls, and Elton John, I enjoy listening to a wide variety of music. Vibes is present in all genres.

My Routine

I listen to music on my way to anywhere. As soon as I get home, the first thing I turn on is my bluetooth speaker (before I even fully settle in, honestly). The only time I don't listen to music is when I have to be respectful of others' space. Even at a workplace, I'll have a little Pandora going on in lieu of my headphones. 

Retreats have changed my life for the better.

What I Understand

Have you ever thought about the last time you didn't speak at all (not including sleeping), for a whole day? Much less a week! When explaining my experience on my first retreat to someone, I asked myself this same question and found myself dumbfounded. The last time I didn't speak was when I was in my mom's womb! I say all of this to say retreats are a necessary recharge! People are are heavy into their self-care, go at least once a year!

My Experience

I did my first silent retreat in Maui, Hawaii with Quepasana in 2017, and I'm looking forward to my next one! Watch this video for a recap (bare with me as I'm clearly trying to figure out life). 

My Routine

Because I haven't figured out how I'm going to go on retreats consistently with the way my priorities are set up (no help from society), I find it very important for me to make sure I'm sticking to my self-care routines at home!

7. Retreats

8. Organic Products

Pictured above is an organic oil I use for my hair growth. If I don't make my own products, I proudly buy them from those who do!

Organic products have 

changed my life for the better.

What I Understand

You can make your own shit! You can make everything that you use, on your own! Think about it, somebody else did in order for you to use it! This makes sense. 

My Experience

I started making my own organic products (deodorant, toothpaste, lotion) in 2015 and the list has grown from there. I now keep a basket designated for making my own body and bath products. I also have been making my own cleaning products. 

My Routine

I keep a handy-dandy notebook (on my Blues Clues ish--- heavy part of my childhood), with instructions on how to make products that I need, or simply want to know how to make. This has become my go-to and overtime I've realized I don't need to access the book as I've become accustomed to some instructions already. 

Family has changed my life for the better.


What I Understand

You're reminded about loyal moments during your life's journey (especially during hard times) that will most likely always go back to your family. At the end of the day, they are always there. For the many who's family has turned their backs on them, this could also be s sign of out-growth on their end based on what life is demanding of them, and this is just a part of life, don't take it to heart. However, in dire times if you need help and a family member has the ability to help you and they do not, I strongly encourage you to not put your energy into that relationship anymore, don't feed their energy by getting upset. Instead, choose to be unbothered and prepared for their lonely times when they will need you. Flourish. This is just how life works and I've come to respect it. 

My Experience

I have a huge Jamaican family, it is impossible to count and know everybody. However, I do two things to keep my conscience sane (due to the fact that I want to know and have tight relationships with every single person). I always make sure I am 100% genuinely ready to meet and get to know new family members. Existing family members, I pick up where I last left off in my head and keep it moving from there. I always leave the connections open because this is family. More than likely I'm going to hook up with some family member after different family gatherings. That's the magic of love and good vibes! Overall I keep a consistent with a relationship with my mom, siblings, grandparents and immediate cousins primarily, then from there my stronger relationships are spread throughout my family (different ages too). 

My Routine

Make it a habit to touch base and find out how family members are doing from time to time. This is the hardest thing to do as human being with a career, family, and overall shit that keeps us in survival mode 24/7! However, this is necessary to also survive in the same realm. Love is necessary to live happily, and God set us up with physical beings ready to love you upon your arrival on earth; family. Embrace it and take advantage of the vibes family gives you because you will need it in what seems to be a cold world sometimes. Family should be a warm reminder that it is not. They do not have to be blood related, family can be anyone that has demonstrated real love to you without anything in return. Family always exists. 

9. Family

Pictured above is my brother & I. We feed each other positive + uplifting vibrations 24/7.