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Featuring restaurants and bars in the greater Boston area. This is where I was born & raise!


Most memorable vibe

Non-stop drinking, the satantic life overall

    The Deets

 When: 2013, 2016, 2018

How many times? 3


Route: Plane via NYC & Boston


Accommodations: Hotels

Spending $ for a few days: $400 (food, nightlife, shopping, sites)if you are a non-gambler!



Where to Play

One of the reasons that I think Vegas is so cool, is how creative the set up is. I love that you can find a little Paris, New York, Egypt, Rome, and more worldly cities replicated on a smaller scale in Vegas. It kept me very intrigued in between getting drunk, losing money and engaging more of the devil's work. 

      The Strip

This is where all the real fun begins. This  is your first real look into the wild, the first place you get your first drink (well I lied, you probably did that at your hotel already), where you meet promoters that give you free entries to parties, where you meet potential friends for life after hours of casino hopping and gambling your lives away, it all starts here baby. 


      Bellagio Fountain Show

If you haven't heard about this famous water show, here's a terrible 4-second snippet to briefly catch you up (just act like you knew about it all along). Although I just recently learned in a Spirit Science video that Vegas consumes the most water in the entire world, I really do enjoy watching the water works and the art it creates. it's fantastic! 

     Blue Man Group

O M G! FINALLYLYYY! The Blue Man Group was literally on my bucket list for over a decade! I could’ve easily bought tickets but because I plan a lot, I like to leave room for the universe to have me go with the flow. I randomly won some tickets off of Jamn 945 when I happened to have my headphones off during a commercial break and I heard them ask, what country has 3 “As” in it? Lol of course I called and told them JAMAICA and I won a free trip to Disney World and Vegas! Those tickets came with free Blue Man tickets! The universe said: “it’s time.” This show was so unbelievably amazing. I never knew why I wanted to see this show so much, I didn’t know what to expect, it was all subconscious (and I still haven’t fully read into the purpose of this show, I’m still leaving it up to my imagination). And my imagination says this: Blue Man Group demonstrates best to me how the first humans probably interacted, they didn’t talk at all and only interacted through eyes and moving their body parts. Anybody who read my past work knows how important I think communication is (read my first book) and how it can easily make or easily break something good no matter how smart or stupid the parties are. 2) BMG also communicates through sound. They found a way to make music with everything. If you guys have been following the journey for my next book you know SOUND and VIBRATIONS have a lot to do with uncovering my formula to black unity. 3) Most notably from this show though, is the innocence BMG maintained and the fact that everyone laughed when they did something stupid or disgusting. One of the things I recently started to preach is to protect you innocence (I never realized I lived my whole life like this way, but my mom did a great job). Never let the world make you feel guilty, try again! This world sucks. I’ve seen this world get the best of people. There’s cosmic laws we don’t follow. But not BMG! Everyone laughed after every mistake or disgusting thing because their vibe was saying “I’m curious  and I’m figuring shit out in this crazy world!” Thank you Universe!!! 

Where to Sleep


      Hotels on the Strip

I've stayed on and off the strip before, and this recommendation is pretty serious, stay on the strip! There are things to do all around Vegas (remember there's an Old Las Vegas as well that I heard is popping), but the majority of the action is happening on the strip. You will save yourself lots of Ubers and overall stress from, for instance, always anxious about your journey back to your hotel. You also don't have perks like being able to run back to your hotel really quickly to get something you forgot, or to put something down. Things to think about when there's so much action going on! Trust me, if the hotel is only a couple of hundred bucks it might be worth it in Uber/Lyft money! 

Where to Eat



Like any major tourist destination, you will find a plethora of options for dining in Vegas, cuisines from all over the world. You'll find tons of nice restaurants on the strip, and some gems deep inside larger hotels and off the strip as well. Not counting Panda Express and Cinnabon that I have to get food at every time I'm there (proud of my guilty pleasures), I've enjoyed food at awesome restaurants like the Hexx Las Vegas in Paris, Rice & Company in Egypt, Grand Lux Cafe in Italy, along with Lavo also in the Palazzo Hotel not far from Grand Lux (yeah, I forgot they actually are a restaurant and not a party destination)!

Where to Party


During my stays in Vegas, I've partied at XS, Lavo, Tao, Drais (from what I can remember). There's nothing like Vegas (even with NYC, Vegas is different because of how much money is being spent around you regularly). I personally love Vegas only when I'm feeling to experience a certain lifestyle. If I'm broke, I don't even think about coming out. Vegas is rich, and it's for the rich, unless you save up and want to ball on a short vacation (that works too)!